GXO unifies and rebrands Technical Services division as GXO ServiceTech

Greenwich, USA  |  juni 21, 2023

Industry-leading capability in consumer electronics repair to expand across Europe and North America

GXO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: GXO), the world’s largest pure-play contract logistics provider, today announced the global rebranding of its consumer electronics repair services, including the businesses gained through the Clipper acquisition — ServiceCare, RepairTech and CE Repair Services — as GXO ServiceTech and its plans to expand the scale and scope of the service offering across Europe and North America, including France, Italy, Poland and the U.S.

GXO ServiceTech is part of GXO’s reverse logistics capabilities, which delivered 18% organic growth in the first quarter of 2023.

“The technical repair capabilities we gained through the Clipper acquisition give GXO unrivalled expertise in the consumer electronics service sector,” said Richard Cawston, President, Europe, GXO. “Bringing all of our electronics repair services together as GXO ServiceTech gives us a tremendous foundation from which to strategically expand the service offering and the markets we serve.”

GXO ServiceTech currentlyoperatesfrom multiple sites in the U.K., Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, fulfilling direct-to-consumer and retail orders, repairs and returns. In 2022, GXO ServiceTech repaired more than 1.5 million consumer electronics devices, including laptops, televisions, displays, and mobile and gaming devices as well as home appliances. Its accreditations with leading manufacturers ensure customers receive accredited repairs, using genuine parts and approved software and diagnostic tools.

The GXO ServiceTech offering includes:

  • Repairs, refurbishment, upgrades and returns management
  • Warranty management
  • Data cleansing and safe disposals
  • Warehousing, logistics and delivery
  • Certified disposals and resale

“For more than two decades, we have offered a unique and unrivalled end-to-end solution that is in high demand,” said Richard Costello, Managing Director, GXO ServiceTech. “With industry return rates at 40%, our expertise in B2B returns and B2C services for retailers and manufacturers is driving significant benefits for our customers and helping foster a more environmentally sustainable supply chain. Bringing GXO’s capabilities and these business units together as one offering gives us capabilities, coverage and capacity that few can match.”

GXO ServiceTech will launch a marketing campaign and website in the third quarter. There is no change for current customers.

To watch a short video of GXO ServiceTech’s capabilities, click Klik hier.