CE Services Group B.V., its branches and business units, hereinafter referred to as "CESG", is a Dutch company, with its registered office at Daltonstraat 25, 3316 GD Dordrecht, the Netherlands and registered under Chamber of Commerce no. 58336613.  

During a visit to the CESG websites, data from visitors is collected and stored. We use cookies for this. On this page you can read exactly what information is collected and what is done with it. In addition, we explain what you can do if you do not want to accept all or all cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are stored via your browser on the hard drive of your own computer during a visit to the CESG websites. The use of cookies is completely safe and cookies are never used to retrieve private information such as passwords. Cookies have various functions such as:

  • Remembering login name or settings;
  • Your preferences are saved, so that you only have to indicate/fill this once;
  • With the help of cookies, advertisements can be tailored to your area of interest.


Which cookies are there?

  • Necessary – These cookies are necessary to browse websites. For example, ordering and electronic payment are not possible without these cookies;
  • Functional – This allows websites to remember which choices you made during the website visit. These cookies are used, for example, to store preferences such as text size and font;
  • Performance – These cookies collect information about visitor behavior on websites, for example which pages you visit often. On the basis of this data, websites and their navigation can be optimized. These cookies are also used to keep track of how you arrived at a website. These cookies do not store any information with which your identity can be traced and the data remains anonymous;
  • Targeting – These cookies follow a user for a longer period of time across different websites and are able to build a profile. This allows a user to be segmented by specific interest. These cookies are widely used to be able to advertise in a more targeted way online. An advertising network places a cookie on the user's computer via a third-party site. This cookie can be read by the network on the website located in this advertising network;

Which cookies are used by CESG?

To make visiting our websites easy for our visitors, CE Services only uses necessary, functional and performance cookies on its websites.

Do you not want to accept cookies?

CESG is legally obliged to ask visitors to its websites for permission to place functional and performance cookies. These cookies do not store any personal data or passwords. If you do not want to have cookies placed on our website, you can choose to do so in the cookie notification that you will see when you first visit our website. If you have previously accepted our cookies, you will no longer see this message and you must first delete our cookies. The removal of cookies differs per browser type. You can also choose to block the placing of cookies via your browser. If you block all cookies, websites could work less well, so it is advisable to selectively disable only the unwanted cookies. You can do this in your browser in the settings, with this you also immediately block the cookies from other websites that you visit.

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