Out-of-warranty repairs

If a repair falls outside the (factory) warranty and/or DOA conditions (for example in the event of a fall, impact or usage damage), you will in most cases receive a quote from us in advance (by telephone or by e-mail). In the case of a repair at home, in some cases and if possible, a verbal quotation is issued by our technician directly on site. If you have not received a quote from us, nor have a price agreement been made with you in any other way, then the rates below apply. Please note: the rates on our quotation may deviate from the rates below, (partly) depending on the work actually to be performed and/or any agreements with the relevant manufacturer of the device.

Wages Voorrijkosten Transportation costs Pick up/Return Treatment costs Vernietigingskosten
Easy repair
€ 70,00
€ 69,50
€ 14,95 / € 29,95
€ 58,00 / 1 way
€ 18,00
Standard repair
€ 94,00
€ 69,50
€ 14,95 / € 29,95
€ 58,00 / 1 way
€ 18,00
Comprehensive repair
€ 114,00
€ 69,50
€ 14,95 / € 29,95
€ 58,00 / 1 way
€ 18,00
Complex repair
€ 149,00
€ 69,50
€ 14,95 / € 29,95
€ 58,00 / 1 way
€ 18,00
Quote or Inquiry
€ 42,50
€ 69,50
€ 14,95 / € 29,95
€ 58,00 / 1 way
€ 6,35

All amounts include VAT.
– Any necessary parts are not included, they will be specified separately on our quotation if applicable.
– Bovenstaande tarieven zijn indicatief, de prijsopgave is doorslaggevend en (nadat deze is geaccordeerd) bindend.

Explanation of the rates and costs

1. Wages

The rate that is charged depends on the nature and duration of the work (e.g. do/do not parts have to be replaced, if so which parts, within what time frame can this be performed, etc). The applicable labor rate for the repair of your Product will be determined by us during the examination/diagnosis and stated on the quotation.

2. Call-out charges

These costs apply when we provide service at home or at an external location. Our mechanic/driver drives a service bus to a pre-specified address to carry out the necessary service work on site. The costs that fall under this include, for example, travel time, car costs, etc. The call-out costs also apply if a Product, after a home visit, must be mentioned for further services at a location of CE Repair Services.

3. Transport costs

These costs are calculated for sending or transporting a Product (via PostNL) when the service is provided at our own locations/workshops. If you bring and collect the Product yourself (only possible by appointment and in a number of locations), no transport costs will be charged. 

 Retourtransport ‘klein formaat’ pakketzending: € 14,95 inclusief btw.
 Retourtransport ‘groot formaat’ pakketzending: € 29, 95 inclusief btw.
 Ophaal of retourtransportzending CE Logistics: € 58,00 inclusief btw.

-Toelichting transport- & handeling kosten pakketzending:
Let op: CE Repair Services kan bij het vervoer door derden zoals, PostNL, niet verantwoordelijk worden gehouden van transportschade.

Klein betreft: producten inclusief verpakking tot een maximumformaat van 100x50x50cm en tot een gewicht van 9 kg. Bijvoorbeeld: Alle klein huishoudelijk- en audio- producten alsmede tv’s tot 43 Inch. Wij hanteren de verzendvoorwaarde van PostNL. 

Groot betreft: producten inclusief verpakking tot een maximumformaat van 176x78x58 cm tot een gewicht van 23 kg. Wij hanteren de verzendvoorwaarde van PostNL.

CE Logistics: deze logistieke dienstverlener (onderdeel van CE Services Group) is ingericht op het transport van te repareren en gerepareerde consumentenelektronica producten. 176 x78x58 cm tot een gewicht van 23 kg. De maximale transportschade aansprakelijkheid van CE Logistics is, uitsluitend bij een aan CESG verwijtbare transportschade of vermissing van het Product, beperkt tot de dagwaarde van het betreffende Product met een maximum van € 500,00 inclusief btw. De waardebepaling van een Product geschiedt op basis van toepassing van de Afschrijvingstabel (gemiddelde gebruiksduurverwachtingen) van Techniek Nederland. CESG is gerechtigd de Klant een vervangend Product te sturen i.p.v. een vergoeding uit te keren.

4. Pick up/Return

On the day of your preference, the service couriers of CE Logistics Services will collect the device from you and they will also return it to you after repair by appointment. All you have to do is ensure that the product is unpackaged and ready on the doormat (of the front door) on the day of collection. The service courier has special packaging and protection material with him and the vehicles are equipped with a special device to ensure that the product can be transported safely and without (transport) damage.

5. Handling costs

This concerns costs for, for example (but not exclusively) supporting activities such as planning, administration, work preparation, parts supply, etc. These costs are always charged by us when services are provided.

6. Disposal costs

These costs are calculated for the environmentally friendly disposal and destruction of a product and apply if you have indicated that you wish to dispose of a product that is being processed in our workshop. Special (environmental) requirements apply to the disposal of electronics and electrical equipment and the waste processors charge costs for this, which we pass on.

7. Research costs

These costs are charged when we have investigated the cause of a complaint or have physically examined and possibly tested the product. Treatment costs are included. In all cases we make a diagnosis:

a. The complaint has been detected.
During our investigation we determined the cause of the complaint and identified the relevant part or parts. You will receive a quote (see below) of the cost of repairing your Product.

b. The complaint has not been detected (‘No Fault Found’).
During our investigation and extensive testing, we have not been able to reproduce the complaint or it has been determined that your Product functions in accordance with specifications. As a precaution, we will place the latest software version on your device, as far as possible and applicable.

Research and Quote for repairs at home

If you wish to have an investigation into whether the repair of your product is technically and/or economically justified, you will always receive a quote in advance (by telephone or by e-mail). In some cases and where possible, a verbal quote will be issued by our technician directly on site during a home visit. after the quotation gives you the following options:

  1. You agree: the necessary parts and/or software are ordered from the supplier and after receipt thereof a visit appointment is scheduled with you during which the repair is carried out in accordance with the quotation. The total amount as stated on the quotation must be paid immediately (preferably by debit card payment).
  2. You do not agree: costs for research and drawing up the quotation will be charged. If we have visited your location, you must also pay call-out costs.

Inquiry and Quote for Repairs in the Workshop

If you wish to investigate whether the repair of your product is technically and/or economically justified, we would be happy to do so. For this we must be able to physically examine the product in our workshop. For workshop repairs we use a quotation limit of € 75.00. This amount includes VAT and handling costs. These costs are stated separately on the quotation. You will receive a quote prior to repair unless the total cost falls below the quote limit. after In the quotation you have the following options:

  1. You agree: the parts stated on the quotation are ordered for your Product. Once these are received by us, your Product will be repaired in accordance with the quote. Payment of the total amount as stated in the quotation must be paid before returning the Product (or upon collection immediately by debit card payment). If you have made a down payment, this will be deducted from the total amount as stated on the quotation.
  2. You do not agree, device return: you will receive your product back after payment of the examination costs and any transport costs.
  3. You do not agree, dispose device: the examination and disposal costs will be charged and your product will be destroyed and disposed of in accordance with legal environmental regulations.


In some cases, the manufacturer (after approval) may apply leniency to the repair costs. The leniency amount granted by the manufacturer is stated separately on the quotation. The leniency rates may differ per manufacturer and are exclusively reserved for the manufacturer. CESG has no influence on this. For a leniency request, a copy of the purchase invoice must always be in our possession in advance  .


If you wish, you can use PostNL to send a device to our workshop for repair. For the current shipping rates, please refer to the website of PostNL. From the point of view of extra service, it is also possible to have your device collected from you by PostNL. We charge a surcharge of € 25.00 for this, which will be charged separately.