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CE Repair Services

Al bijna 40 jaar is CE Repair Services door vele toonaangevende consumenten elektronica fabrikanten, importeurs en distributeurs geautoriseerd om reparaties uit te voeren. Valt de reparatie onder de fabrieksgarantie, dan handelen wij alles voor u af met de fabrikant.

We have an intensive collaboration with almost all resellers of electronics and household appliances in the Benelux, whereby we have been appointed as 'Preferred Service Partner'.



De serviceafwikkeling is per apparaat verschillend. Wij kunnen het volledige scala aan diensten leveren: van reparaties aan huis of in de werkplaats tot aan het ophalen en retour brengen van apparatuur. Ook voor het installeren of het in gebruikstellen van apparatuur bent u bij ons aan het juiste adres. Binnen de garantieperiode zorgen wij ervoor dat, zover van toepassing en mist akkoord van de fabrikant, vervanging/omruiling van het apparaat of creditering in gang wordt gezet. 


CE Repair Services is authorized by many leading consumer electronics manufacturers, importers and distributors to carry out repairs under manufacturer's warranty. Warranty repairs are free of charge for you. Of course we also carry out repairs outside the warranty for these brands.

We only use original parts in order to guarantee the longevity and quality of the device.


About us

We have been an established name in the consumer electronics industry for almost 40 years. Started as a sole proprietorship in an attic room and over the years it has grown into an organization with 8 branches spread throughout the Benelux, where more than 250 service professionals are employed.

Since the end of 2021, we have been part of Clipper Logistics plc, a London-listed company specializing in logistics services. 

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