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Questions regarding an unregistered repair

I want to register a new repair. How do I register a new repair?

In a few clear steps, the defective device can be registered. As soon as the repair has been successfully registered, you will receive an email from us with information about the follow-up process. 
Please read this email carefully and follow our directions. No email? Then it probably ended up in your spam box.

Is my repair free?

The guarantee period is usually stated on the guarantee certificate or purchase invoice. In the Benelux (this depends on the manufacturer) a warranty period of two years is usually used, the manufacturer's warranty conditions apply. If you purchased an insurance policy (commonly referred to as an extended warranty) when you purchased the device, you should look at the policy terms and conditions.


Betaalde reparatie bij gebruikersschade/verkeerd gebruik.
If the defect is caused by your own fault, or misuse, then this is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. We will still be happy to help you with the repair, but you will have to pay for it. If you want to know what the repair costs are, we can make a detailed quotation for you. See: "I would like to receive a quote/quote for a repair.

I can't take a picture, what now?

In order not to surprise you with a quotation, it is important that we receive your purchase receipt. It will then be clear more quickly whether there is still a possible right to a factory warranty. Please note: the manufacturer's warranty conditions apply. Perhaps there is someone in your area who can help you take a photo of the proof of purchase or perhaps your dealer can help you with this. It would be annoying if it turns out that there is no longer any right to warranty and you still have to pay the costs for transport, handling, investigation and/or repair.

What is my Model Number?

In order to be able to process a repair order, we need detailed and correct information. All Makes and Models for which we have an authorization can be entered in our Repair Registration Form. To make it easy for you with those number and letter combinations, we've made sure to introduce additional text as soon as you start typing, so that you can't actually make any typing errors. If you cannot find your model, and you are sure that you have entered it correctly, you can check the option “My Model is not in the list”. That way you can complete your registration. However, we cannot guarantee that we can repair that Model. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you consult our authorization page or contact your dealer or the manufacturer of your device.

Where can I find my model/serial number?

Usually the owner's manual says where the model/serial number can be found. With electronics (computers, audio and video equipment and the like), the serial number is almost always on the back or the bottom of the device (usually a gray / silver-colored sticker).

I can't upload my purchase receipt/photo.

If it is not possible to do this via “my repair”, you can also send an e-mail with the photo. Of course always stating your order number.

I don't have a receipt.

This is necessary to determine the warranty. We are of course also happy to help you without a purchase receipt, but you will receive a quotation. The service/Repair is then not free of charge. In many cases, your point of sale can help you with the purchase receipt.

The brand of my product is not listed.

Then there is a good chance that we will not repair your trademark. If in doubt, please contact us at contact form.

Why doesn't a technician come by first to determine the defect?

Based on knowledge and experience, we can in most cases make a preliminary diagnosis remotely based on the reported defect + the model/serial number. The parts are ordered immediately and often only one visit is needed.

I would like to receive a quote/quote for a repair.

If you want to know what the repair costs are, we can make a detailed quotation for you.
Register your device with us through Register repair and state in the complaint description that you wish to receive a quotation.
Please note, a reliable quotation can be drawn up for not all devices/complaints without a physical examination taking place. We only give quotations for a device that is repaired in the workshop after the device has been sent to us. 
A quotation is not provided free of charge(see Tariffs). If after receipt of the quotation you choose to have your device repaired, the costs of the quotation will be deducted from the total amount.

To make your response to our quotation known, you can use the link in the quotation. This will take you directly to your repair order and your personal account details in this website and you can make your choice known. In this way we keep all information and communication together in an organized manner and directly linked to your repair order. 

I have purchased additional product insurance in the store. How does that work?

In most cases this will be on your proof of purchase. If you upload this we can probably see how we can deal with this with regard to the repair costs. The above differs per insurer. If the extra warranty is not on your proof of purchase, we advise you to immediately contact the party where you purchased the product insurance.

Questions regarding an unregistered repair

I have registered my repair, what is the next step?

Workshop Repair? You will receive shipping instructions. As soon as your product has been received by us, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail and we will get to work. You can always check the status in “my repair”.


Are we coming home? We will contact you within 48 hours (working days) of registration. We collect some more data and make the diagnosis. The parts are ordered and we make a visit appointment with you. 


Via “my repair” you always have access to the “status” of your ongoing repair.

I want to know the status of my repair.

You will find a personal link in the email you received from us immediately after registering your repair.
Click on the link in the email and you will be taken directly to your repair order.

I want to log in to My Repair.

You will find a personal link in the email you received from us immediately after registering your repair.
Klik op de link in de email en u komt direct bij uw reparatieopdracht

I want to change/cancel my appointment.

Canceling via “my repair” is unfortunately not yet possible. We would like to ask you to contact our Planning department. You will find the contact details in the e-mail you received from us.

How long will it take for my repair to be completed?

Have you sent your product to our workshop in Mijdrecht? As soon as your product has arrived, the diagnosis takes place and the parts are ordered. As soon as the parts are in, we will get to work for you. This takes on average, all in all, 10 working days. 


Is it a visit to your home? As soon as the repair has been reported, we will contact you within 2 working days. From that moment on, it depends on the defect, the parts to be ordered and the space in your agenda when we can visit you to carry out the repair. Of course we always strive for a quick and correct handling.

Why has my order been cancelled?

A smooth turnaround time for your repair is important to us and is also a requirement of the manufacturers. Therefore, repairs cannot remain open indefinitely waiting for additional information. You will always receive a reminder and a quick settlement of the repair is also desirable in your interest.

Can I choose a time slot?

No, but you can always make your wishes known to our Planning department. Of course we try to take your wishes into account as much as possible.

Can I track “my repair”?

Yes, you can view/follow the status of your repair 24/7 via the link in the e-mail you received from us.

How do I receive my product back after repair/examination?

That depends on how it came to us:

PostNL = return with PostNL.

Visit to our location in Mijdrecht = pick up yourself.

Pick up + make an appointment with our planning department for return.



In these Terms of Service, as well as in its correspondence and information provision at the time of the Services provided, CESG uses specific terminology. For the exact meaning, definition or understanding of this terminology, please refer to the Glossary below: Glossary.

What is the difference between sending in a device and a home visit?

For dealers we present our Dealer portal . Repairs (for their customers) can be registered here, the status can be tracked and various data and documents can be requested and viewed.

Why do I have to pay an invoice when there has been no investigation?

This concerns costs for, for example (but not exclusively) supporting activities such as planning, administration, work preparation, parts supply, etc. These costs are always charged by us when services are provided.

Voor de actuele prijzen kunt u een kijkje nemen op onze tarieven pagina.

I want to register a new repair as a Dealer.

For dealers we present our Dealer portal . Repairs (for their customers) can be registered here, the status can be tracked and various data and documents can be requested and viewed.

I want to order a part/accessory.

Is the part you are looking for not in our Webshop? It is possible that we can order it especially for you. Then send an email to

We are unfortunately unable to process/answer questions regarding other topics to this e-mail address.

What does the status "Parts have been ordered" mean?

If a part needed to repair your device is not in stock in our warehouse, we will order it from our supplier. Delivery takes a few working days, in general we receive the ordered parts after 2-5 days. As soon as we have received all the necessary parts, we will contact you to make a visit appointment (for a repair at home). If your device is repaired in the workshop, we will inform you by e-mail when we have all the parts in stock.

What is the delivery time of a part?

If a part needed to repair your device is not in stock in our warehouse, we will order it from our supplier. Delivery takes a few working days, in general we receive the ordered parts after 2-5 days. Some brands take longer (10-14 days). As a repair company, we have no influence on this. The only thing we regularly do is send a reminder to the supplier/manufacturer. We will keep you informed by e-mail. Until we have received all parts, the status of your repair will remain “Parts have been ordered”.

Product support.

For all questions regarding your device (for example about the manual, installation, connection, operation, settings, etc.), we refer you to the dealer where you bought the device or to the manufacturer. 

Is your question not listed?

Contact? If you still have a question after reading the most frequently asked questions, or you might want one compliment or complaint express? Then please contact us directly. This can be done by filling in our form contact form. You can expect a response from us within two (2) working days. 


Unfortunately, it is not always possible to prevent mistakes from being made. We would like to have the opportunity to correct a mistake. We also want to learn from complaints and, if possible, take measures to improve our processes and services. That is why we ask that you always state the full contact details with the complaint, so that we can investigate the handling of the relevant repair order in detail and give you our feedback. 


If the device has not been (properly) repaired or it is again/still defective, click here to immediately report a new repair. Based on the serial number, we can immediately see that it is a repeat repair, so you do not have to mention that (of course you can).